PAF Daddy

(Humbucker - The Daddy of all PAFs; set of 2.)

The best all round reproduction PAF set, aged as standard complete with nickel covers. Even with covers off they're pre-aged. Everything about these PAFs shows the time and craftsmanship that goes into giving you the most realistic PAF repro out there.

Our tests show that the best all round PAFs had individually sand cast AlNiCo IV magnets, black palin enamel coated 42 AWG magnet wire, butyrate bobbins, tempered screws, slugs and pole shoes. So that's exactly what goes into our Daddy of all PAFs. Even the hookup we use is genuine PAF style where there are two tinned strands per plat on the outer braid instead of three per plat that other makers use. All this is topped off with the most accurate PAF decal available and our new profile nickel covers. You can also choose between double whites, double black, zebras or a mix of both coloured bobbins.

Price: 220.00 // Currency Calculator
Date Added: 18/06/2008 // ID: 70


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